Care Guide

Silk taffeta

Specialist dry clean only.

Block print canvas / Coloured canvas

To retain canvas color we suggest dry cleaning only. If you choose to machine wash, please turn it inside out and use non-bio laundry liquid at 30 degrees. Some fading may occur with machine washing. Canvas will soften over time.

Silk / Linen / Cotton

Machine wash using non-biological laundry liquid no higher than 30 degrees on the delicate wash cycle.


Cashmere thrives with love and care and can be kept in good condition for years if cared for correctly. Cashmere is a fragile fiber but it can be revived and freshened by washing. Washing correctly will bring back some bounce and elasticity.

The following methods can be used to wash your cashmere:

  • Machine-wash at 30 degrees always using the wool cycle. Use Woolite (recommended) or any comparable liquid detergent that is specifically designed for machine washing wool items. The wool cycle rocks the washing machine drum rather than turning too much. Wool will felt with friction not temperature. Use fabric softeners very sparingly (for example one third of the recommended measure) to add extra softness. Over-use of fabric softener can deaden the luxury feel of your cashmere. Dry flat, stretching out the fabric gently in all directions.
  • Cashmere can be dry-cleaned if that is your preference but dry cleaning will tend to flatten cashmere fibers. Cashmere fibers like water to keep them supple and flexible.
  • Hand wash in lukewarm water using wool soap. Plenty of bubbles will help revive your cashmere. Gently squeeze out water, never wring your cashmere dry. Machine spin to remove excess water. Carefully roll up the garment in a large towel to squeeze out more water. Dry flat, stretching out the fabric gently in all directions. Reposition several times during drying to prevent creases from settling. Curled edges can be pressed flat using a gentle iron setting, with thin damp cotton or muslin cloth as protection.

Please note that bobbles are a normal occurrence for most cashmere items and occur wherever there is friction. Bobbles should decrease over time like excess fluff on a new carpet. The best time to remove bobbles is when the item is still damp after washing. Pick them off with your thumb laid flat against your forefinger. Alternatively use a cashmere comb when the item is dry.

For other makers please refer to the care guide on the garment.

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