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"La Bouquiniste" Clutch Bags

La Bouquiniste is a one-of-a-kind clutch bag from École De Curiosites, made from two antique books, dating from the 1910s to the 1950s. Two books are hollowed and connected in a brass frame with a clasp, featuring lining made of a vintage necktie, and a thin brass chain, it can also be used as a shoulder bag.


Blue Clutch Bag "La Bouquiniste"

Books Period: 1950s

Lining: Vintage silk tie

Lining color: Blue | Green

Clasp and Chain : Brass

H16 x W11.5 x D7.2 (cm)

Dimensions(Inside): H13 x W8 x D6.8 (cm) Weight: 448g


White Clutch Bag "La Bouquiniste"

Books Period:1930s

Lining: Vintage silk tie

Lining color: Blue

Clasp and Chain : Brass

Dimensions: H16 x W11.5 x D5.3 (cm)

Dimensions(Inside): H13 x W8 x D5 (cm) Weight: 322g

Hand Made in France


Please be aware that as vintage books are used as materials, there may be shortcomings, such as susceptibility to moisture and heat damage, and distinct warping of old books.

  • ₪ 3,890